Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bridge for what?

Bridges are made for  people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc. Here see a bridge, constructed over tributary of  river Bansadara in Orissa. Even people dare not  to cross the river  by using the bridge, then how a vehicle. See below.


A tractor crossing river.


A Chevrolet car  crossing river.

tavera chevrolet


tata victa

black caterpillar.

A black caterpillar  enjoying food.

black worm

Bird in office

A birds visit in my office.



water flower vase.

Keeping flowers in a bowl filled with water  in front of  main entrance of  houses  is  considered as auspicious  as per Indian tradition.

water flower vase

This helps to maintain harmony  among family members as well as neighbours.

water flower vase

It is proven fact  that flowers  have a quality of soothing  stressed mind , this will be reason for keeping flowers in front of door and also may be for welcoming.

The water in bowl will be for preserving the flower till evening. Whatever , the flowers seems very beautiful.

floting flower

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Airport elephants.

Elephants statue  placed  in front of  International  Airport  New Delhi.

gun metal elephants

In Hindu  mythology seeing  elephants , it is very auspicious before  proceeding  to somewhere.

bronze elephants

whatever, these  welcome  statues of  elephants  are beautiful.


Wild plum

This is the  image  of wild plums  I have  seen  in  jungles  of  Orissa.

wild plum

I do not know the  exact  name  of  the  plant  and  fruit.


wild plum

Sale in progress… wild honey…

This is not on the album “wild honey” by Tiamat or breakfast haven, but on the actual wild honey.In southern Orissa it is a common seen that selling wild honey on road sides.

wildhoney...its sale

I enjoy  morning  road run  and  usually every morning  I run about  seven  to eight kilo meters on road by watching  the  happenings around. In  winter it is  common that  the  wild honey collectors  bring  their collected  honey  to market place in morning hours. The honey they sell is very cheap , not more than 150 per kilogram.


Once , I have  got an opportunity  to see  their technique  of collecting  wild honey from a tall tree. First they  made a  torch  with rugs  so that  will not produce flame  but smoke only. Then  they  put it below the  honey beehive , due to smoke  bees  escaped from  hive , they cut the hive and brought it down.

sale wild honey

Rudraksha beads of Shiva temple J P Nagar, Bangalore.

I have got an opportunity to get dharshan of  the holy deity of  JP Nagar Shiva Temple, Lord Shiva- the lord of Moksha. The  roof of ...