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My daughter and her pond.

During April I was on vacation at my home. As usual in every April my wife has to go for evaluation duties (she is a higher secondary teacher) and my son to his school. I and my daughter remain at home till evening by watching TV and playing. The summer was very hot during the year even sun burn and stroke were reported in some districts of Kerala, so only option left out for us was to stay indoors.
artificial pond
There was a small pond with guppy, shark and golden fishes in right side garden corner of my house. Which was made by me by using Mangalore tiles and silpoline (silpoline is a waterproof plastic sheet, which is strong enough to hold water for years- silpoline is a brand name). The pond was also full of lilies in white and pink colours. I built it in the year 2005 after we started to stay there. But what happened was, last year the silpoline got leak due to nail scratch of predators which tried to catch the shark (it was grown to about 10 inches and was easy to see- so it become prey). The result was worse. The water holding capacity of the tank lessened about only one inch and the worst summer dried the remaining water and all lily plants and fishes finished. My daughter was so worried on all these, because she used to stay around the pond for watching fish and flower after school, and the fishes were her pet or more.
So I and my daughter decided to make a new pond at same place were the old one was situated. Again the option is only silpoline because that is the low cost one and easy to prepare. But planned in a different way, to save from predators, more strong, give more visibility and style, more width and in natural look.
artificial pond
So, we decided and started in that hot summer, I was in labour role and my daughter in supervisor role ( joking- she is only 4 yrs. old and studying in UKG, she keep a chair near there to sit and watch and some time in a hammock ). I first removed the remaining of old pond and dug little more and widened the old pit by two days, and laid first layer sheet with normal plastic sheet. Now the turn to lay the good one, new purchased silpoline, on the faith with the brand name, I was not checked it while purchase, but it was desperating, I found it defective while holding the sheet towards sunlight, found holes in sheet, not visible in one look, like pin holes. So I had to hold my work till I get replacement of a good Silpoline sheet, for which I have to further go to the showroom in city and was possible only in next day.
On next day I got it changed and laid the second layer and as third layer, the old Silpoline on top. Now it was so strong to hold water and prevention form tore by predators. The pond got simply ok but it has not having the natural look as I perceived earlier, so I started to think, then come a strange idea to use rubble laterite stones for banks, it give a natural look and prevent from predators nail more over for growth of algae which is good for fishes. Further I had to spare three four days for search and collection of laterite stones from land around. Finally again started after four five days. Laid stones on sides of the pond and filled earth about 6 inches inside pond – the soils of old pond also used.
artificial pond
Within two three days the water in pond become clear, now my worry is about lily, in summer it will not be easily available. I visited one of my relative, she has the hobby of keeping garden, and there was blue lily available. I requested her for one, with very hesitation she give me a tiny one about 2cm, with very difficult and all care (I put it in a small water filled polythene bag) I carried it all the way to my home about 22 km and planted it in my pond same day.
Artificial pond water lily
Went to a pet shop and bought 3 pair each guppy, platy, sward tail and white platy and put them in pond. Till then my vacation got over and I left to my work place in Orissa. Last week I again was on a short leave at home. It was very happy moment for me, as I could see the first lily flower, the matter for happiness is it was pink lily not blue( expected a blue water lily but found pink...surprise) more over the pond was with full of fry. Actually the old soil I put was containing seeds of water lily which helped me to regain the beauty of my pond in short period, otherwise it would take minimum six months to get fill the pond.
artificial pond and fish
artificial fish pond
Now a days my daughter is happy, she gave name to all fishes ..guppu, gooppu, kuppi, toman,tom,jerry etc.…. The other thing is response from the fishes, when ever she reaches near pond all the fishes come together to she and remain there till she leave and same time with me the opposite all will ran to hide under leaves on seeing me.The pond I made is a good experience to me and now I am in thought to make another one to keep Arowana fish and Lotus whenever time allows.
lily in artificial fish pond
artificial pond lily fish
fish lily pond artificial
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