Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monastery in Chandragiri, Orissa.

Chandragiri is in Gajapati District of Orissa.This village is famous since long years in connection with the settlement of Tibetan refugees. In last January there inaugurated a Monastery by His Holiness Dalai Lama, as claimed this is the biggest Buddhist temple in south Asia. The temple is built in similar style of Nalanda(Bihar).The name given to the Temple is Padmasambhava Mahavihara. Currently, there are 200 resident monks in the new monastery which has been built at a cost of about Rupees 8 crore.

Actually the temple is worth seeing due to its rich artistic values. Reality mixed in rich colors you find it amazing, you cannot get the real effect of each sculpture on the wall from photos, because the limitation of the2D.

There are five Tibetan camps available in Gajapati district, that are in Chandragiri, Takallipadara, Labrsingh, Jeranga and Mahandragarh. The population of Tibetan Buddhists come around 4500.The first settlers arrived here in the year 1960 after the Tibet China dispute in 1959.

Below are some pictures of mural arts, taken from the Monastery.IMG_0079















Friday, July 29, 2011

VALMIKAM- Anthill.

In my childhood I was very font of hearing Ramayana and Mahabharata stories. On those days, we children used to gather in our village temple and sit before saints, who occasionally visit our temple, only to hear stories of the great epics. The life was not like of these days (TV, computer games etc. were not available),our entertainments limited to play, swimming ,climbing trees, hear stories from elders and read Amar chitra Kathas,Balarama etc. ( periodicals for children illustrated with caricatures). Often we used role play on Bhim, Hanuman etc.
On that days I heard lot on Valmiki and how he known in the name of Valmiki and his great work Ramayana.Valmiki the name derived from Valmikam mean Anthill in Sanskrit, because he took rebirth from a Valmikam so he called Valmiki.On that days I was always in doubt that how a man can be fit in a anthill of about one or one and half feet height? Now my old doubts cleared, not one man even two can adjust in anthills, like that huge anthills can be seen this area of Orissa.
Now some of you might be curious to know about Valmiki, the story is like that, there was a robber named Valya Koli who used to rob and kill pedestrians going through jungle foot paths (the story is of 400BC, so you can imagine the horror in the name of Valiya Koli)
Once he tried to rob renowned sage Narada, he not objected but simply asked some questions- for whom he doing this sin? .Answer was the same as we expect- for his wife and children. Then if they would share the sin he committed during the robbery and killing? He answered ‘yes’, then Narad said to confirm it from his family but no one was agreed to bear. The naked truth opened his eyes and requested to Narada the way to repent, he taught him meditation and Valiya Koli went on deep meditation for many years. Slowly an anthill grew around him. So he become to known as Valmiki- who born out of anthill. He wrote the Great epic Ramayana in Sanskrit. He also knew as First Poet. The Great Ramayana has a divinity in Hindu belief.
Here in these areas of Orissa, suitable climatic condition and the orthodox belief on the story of valmiki or I doubt, the famous belief of abode of snakes might be the reason for such growth and preservation of anthills.
Tale piece: There is a jargon- “ant colony optimization” which related to Computer science and operations research. I don’t know how the term derived and what mean by it?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today morning I was in my usual morning run, I saw some crows on ground attacking on a bird with loud noises. With curiosity I reached there and scared away the crows, there I could see a big owl, injured and struggling for life. I with the help of my friends saved that owl and kept under shade of a bush. After half an hour it flew away at its own.
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Now time to cook and eat.

In my previous post  on Maa Majhi gouri  ,I could not add some pictures  in view of length of the that are ,you find it interesting.

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Utensils for hire to cook chicken and mutton ,near temple.tour travelindia

cooking in progress  and eagerly waiting family members.

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cooking over……now time to eat…….

shaving off hair is another offering here,see shaved heads in picture(even a lady).

Friday, July 22, 2011

Maa Majhi Ghariani Temple

Majhi Gouri also known as Maa Majhi Ghariani (maa – mother)a Goddess and avatar of Shakti is the important deities of Hindus living in Rayagada, more over the people of southern Orissa and Andhra Pradesh worships Majhi Gouri to full fill their wishes.
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On Wednesday and Sundays witness a huge crowd thronging around temple for a darsana (to see)of Majhi and to offer animal sacrifices. On Sunday a large number of cocks and goats get sacrificed here. Bali (animal sacrifice) is the main ritual in this temple.
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The origin of the Goddess is associated with a historical event dating back to the fourth century A.D. The emperor Samudragupta (AD 335 – 375) of gupta dynasty on his invasion to Orissa coastal region, he reached the area of Rayagada and Koraput, and then the king Vyaghraraj of Mahakantar with his poor army defeated Samudragupta with a better equipped Army. People here believe that, the success of King Vyaghraja was only due to the grace of Goddess Shakti, Majhi Gouri.
One more myth I could hear from the devotees that, the two rail bridges passing over river nagavalli, near temple was become a hard nut to the engineers during construction, every time the half done work collapsed in the river and much human casualties occurred, desperately they were leaving then there met a man he directed them to pay a visit to Maa Majhi Gouri and to pray. At that time there were no permanent construction only available was a ruined temple and the idol of deity, Maa Majhi Ghariani .The contractor and engineers visited Majhi Gouri and offered her to construct a new temple in place of ruined .The result was the present Railway Bridge in front of the temple.
The temple is located at a beautiful place surrounded by hills and River Nagavalli flowing in front of the temple away about 100 meters.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

In attempt to recover…..

Today it was horrible to me, whole yesterday night I didn’t sleep a while. The accidental deletion of all my one and half year postings in this blog was a bolt to me. And attending office affaires whole day, feeling tired. Once thought to quit blogging forever, but is it easy to me? My hobby, addiction, passion!! There was no answer! I decided to start again.

The first response from one of my blogger friend Ms. Cookingvarieties was encouraging she extended her hand to help me through Facebook to recover deleted files. First of all thanks to her. Her effort also known through email, either I couldn’t even get opened my blog, only by evening the blog again opened in my laptop. I don’t know all this happening to me due to error in my computer or due to regular cleaning of cookies and catches with Ashampoo win optimizer!

One of my friends over phone suggested me to use a file recovery tool.

Before that whole night I have searched all my c drive to find out any trace, looked all options of window live writer, windows help and support further searched Microsoft online help all in vain efforts. So I searched for a good data recover software in web, CNET is my favorite software site and I rely on cnet . On comparing and reading reviews I found “Recuva” file recovery software, which is easy to operate. So I downloaded it and installed. But only one file I could recover remaining all were in bad shape or in no use.

Anyway lost is lost, better to start again in a better way, and lesson learned that never be in online when editing-write, edit and save in draft or save in online draft.

Tail note: on this experiment I found one new software, “Recuva”from piriform software to recover accidently deleted data without knowing directory or route. Just a click needed ,that show all data's deleted from the first starting date of the computer, that’s too all type of file formats .what to tell only one file I could recover because of frequent over writing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lost everything in a single click.

I do not know how it happened?
Today while I was editing my latest post by using window live writer,some error occurred and accidentally erased all my previous posts...
My efforts of one and half year lost on a single click.
Any chances to retrieve my old postings?
please help me.

Rudraksha beads of Shiva temple J P Nagar, Bangalore.

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