Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tree or liana vine..?

Remembering my childhood days, we used to make swings with liana vine, but my children don’t believe me if I say this to them, because even to imagine, they have to see the vine at least once. I think the liana vines may be extinct from Kerala due to rapid urbanization and deforestation (I swear, myself had not seen liana vine for last twenty or more years in my village once which was abundantly seen there).

But my trek on Niyamgiri hills reminded me those good old days we used to swing on liana vine. Moreover it was surprising to me to see giant liana here in these eastern ghat jungles. Lianas vines are a kind of structural parasite which exploit the trunks and branches of trees for support to stand up and spread its own leaves above the forest canopy. In the early growth stage liana grow as normal other plant but later it has to take support of self supported plants due to its weak stem. Below is snap of a U shaped giant liana vine of Niyamgiri Jungle.vine liana

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