Nose pierced boys.

Now a days it is fashion and passion to boys to get pierce their ear and put small fancy rings in it, but you seem it strange ,these Dongria boys living in their own cocoon of their custom and tradition used to pierce their ears moreover nose to wear rings.

Boys of Dongria tribes get pierced their nose and ear to wear earrings and nose rings as the girls in Niyamgiri area do. It is customary here to pierce nose and ear of boys in their infancy and put rings. However, most of the boys in their later stages avoid wearing rings to look modern and to mingle with other community or due to poverty. The Dongria boys are easy to differentiate from others in a single look with their hairstyle and holed nose and ears.

nose pierced dongria boy

 nose pierced boy

infant nose pierced


Nice Veloso said...

Olá Tudo bem? Feliz por esta aqui novamente no seu blog! É muita coragem destas pessoas! Fura o nariz e a orelha e colocar anéis!
Eu amo o seu blog. É muito bonito!
Hello How are you? Glad this one back to your blog! It's a lot of courage these people! Sticking your nose and ear rings and place! I love your blog. It's very beautiful!

whatever sex thinks said...

This is a facinated as well as restricted thing for boys, the more you distract more you attract.
In my opion it only look nice on soft feminine(i mean female only) nose, as history says this was their restriction symble over womanhood.
thanks for the exceptional.
best of luck.

Maddy Ferguson said...

Beautiful. I wish it the country in which I reside were more accepting of such values.