Keshopur vegetable market.

It is my habit to wake up early morning and have a health run or walk. I enjoy road run than indoor exercises, so in Delhi also I ventured out, but I had to stop running within few meters due to dust and traffic. Then the thought of “what to do“come up in my mind and decided to go in nearby subzi mandi (a Hindi word for vegetable market) Keshopur on foot, just to see the affairs at there and also this will help me to complete my morning exercises. I was residing in Mahavir nagar and Keshopur sabzi market is about just 2 km away. But the affairs at market was also was not so good as the whole night rain made the market a mess due to flooding water with vegetable wastes of previous day and mud ,however I took some pictures of sale of corn in the market.
Roasting corn on road side in the evening for sale.


barbara l. hale said...

That's a lot of corn! I bet it is good roasted. Too bad about the rain. We have had a lot here so I will sympathize.

Nice Veloso said...

I love your blog. Beautiful photos. I love it! Have a great week!