Monday, August 22, 2011

Funny lottery car.

During last week, I was on a vacation at home to get away from my stressful work. It is my habit to walk along streets alone, and find pleasure in watching activities of city life and changes of my home town. One day I have noticed a funny thing which I would like to share with you.

A car selling lottery, the look of the car was so funny to attract anyone by pasting banners on its whole body.Image017 (3)

Image018 (3)

Keralites are always crazy on lottery. The changing life style and uncertainty in economic affairs always tend them to purchase lottery to become overnight millionaire ( earlier the prize money was in Lakhs and the winner was called Lakshadipathi- owner of lakhs,but now a days the term changed to crorepathi- owner of crore).

Now a days, Kerala government owned lottery only sold in markets, and hearing that all unauthorized lottery selling are banned in state. Earlier there was different kind of lotteries of different states and private were available and on the shade of that fake lotteries were also played freely in market to loot innocent people.

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