Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha

On return from my home after vacation, this time I choose Air Travel instead of my usual train journey as I have to reach Delhi for some official purpose. My booking was in Spice jet, famous for economy in fare and spicy food and beautiful girl crews with red half skirt and top. As their instruction I reached Coimbatore Airport before two hours of departure time so I have got enough time to roam inside airport watching everything to pass time, then one thing seen like an antique on a corner caught my attention. That was a money collection box installed by Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha for the purpose of orphaned children education. All the way to Delhi I was in the thought what it means by Patita and its relation with children.


On reaching Delhi, I gathered all information I could get on Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha, it is a NGO working for the rehabilitation and support of sex workers and their children, to bring them in to national main stream by providing them improved social status. They run two child development and care centers for children of prostitutes in addition to welfare works of prostitutes. The difference in this child education and care from other similar organizations is the elder students give love, care and education to younger students to learn their social responsibilities. Image025

This NGO is very active since its inception in the year 1984, one worthwhile to say action of them is the agitation against the governments view on the status of sex workers, as in the census of 2001 they were counted in the category of beggars, vagabonds and street children, which they objected by saying, prostitutes do not beg, as that unlike beggars they live and work in defined areas and sex workers are like industrial workers as they have work very hard to earn their living.

On the effort of the NGO the Supreme Court of India has directed all state governments to come up with training and vocational program for the rehabilitation of sex workers, who want to leave the profession.

The philanthropic efforts of Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha are really worthy for appreciation.

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