Friday, July 22, 2011

Maa Majhi Ghariani Temple

Majhi Gouri also known as Maa Majhi Ghariani (maa – mother)a Goddess and avatar of Shakti is the important deities of Hindus living in Rayagada, more over the people of southern Orissa and Andhra Pradesh worships Majhi Gouri to full fill their wishes.
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On Wednesday and Sundays witness a huge crowd thronging around temple for a darsana (to see)of Majhi and to offer animal sacrifices. On Sunday a large number of cocks and goats get sacrificed here. Bali (animal sacrifice) is the main ritual in this temple.
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The origin of the Goddess is associated with a historical event dating back to the fourth century A.D. The emperor Samudragupta (AD 335 – 375) of gupta dynasty on his invasion to Orissa coastal region, he reached the area of Rayagada and Koraput, and then the king Vyaghraraj of Mahakantar with his poor army defeated Samudragupta with a better equipped Army. People here believe that, the success of King Vyaghraja was only due to the grace of Goddess Shakti, Majhi Gouri.
One more myth I could hear from the devotees that, the two rail bridges passing over river nagavalli, near temple was become a hard nut to the engineers during construction, every time the half done work collapsed in the river and much human casualties occurred, desperately they were leaving then there met a man he directed them to pay a visit to Maa Majhi Gouri and to pray. At that time there were no permanent construction only available was a ruined temple and the idol of deity, Maa Majhi Ghariani .The contractor and engineers visited Majhi Gouri and offered her to construct a new temple in place of ruined .The result was the present Railway Bridge in front of the temple.
The temple is located at a beautiful place surrounded by hills and River Nagavalli flowing in front of the temple away about 100 meters.
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