Busy August.

The month August was very hectic to me. Throughout the month I remained on tour in different parts of south Indian states. I was enjoying the tour. Earlier I have not got such an opportunity to travel  many places in a spell. As usual all the tour was purely on official on government expenditure.



My first visit was in Kannur, my hometown, a northern district of Kerala, second at Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu, third in Bangalore- Karnataka and fourth is at Belgaum District - also in Karnataka. One week each in four districts of three states, the month August was over by then. The tour not stops at there also- now I am in Kudankulam since 10 September. Kudankulam is a subdivision of Thirunalveli district of Tamilnadu neighbouring to Kannyakumari district.

I will write on interesting things I have seen at  these places from next postings when ever time allow.


Shanky Jindal said...

Amazing the visit was worth…

roses said...

Brilliant stuff!