Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bridge for what?

Bridges are made for  people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc. Here see a bridge, constructed over tributary of  river Bansadara in Orissa. Even people dare not  to cross the river  by using the bridge, then how a vehicle. See below.


A tractor crossing river.


A Chevrolet car  crossing river.

tavera chevrolet


tata victa

black caterpillar.

A black caterpillar  enjoying food.

black worm

Bird in office

A birds visit in my office.



water flower vase.

Keeping flowers in a bowl filled with water  in front of  main entrance of  houses  is  considered as auspicious  as per Indian tradition.

water flower vase

This helps to maintain harmony  among family members as well as neighbours.

water flower vase

It is proven fact  that flowers  have a quality of soothing  stressed mind , this will be reason for keeping flowers in front of door and also may be for welcoming.

The water in bowl will be for preserving the flower till evening. Whatever , the flowers seems very beautiful.

floting flower

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Airport elephants.

Elephants statue  placed  in front of  International  Airport  New Delhi.

gun metal elephants

In Hindu  mythology seeing  elephants , it is very auspicious before  proceeding  to somewhere.

bronze elephants

whatever, these  welcome  statues of  elephants  are beautiful.


Wild plum

This is the  image  of wild plums  I have  seen  in  jungles  of  Orissa.

wild plum

I do not know the  exact  name  of  the  plant  and  fruit.


wild plum

Sale in progress… wild honey…

This is not on the album “wild honey” by Tiamat or breakfast haven, but on the actual wild honey.In southern Orissa it is a common seen that selling wild honey on road sides.

wildhoney...its sale

I enjoy  morning  road run  and  usually every morning  I run about  seven  to eight kilo meters on road by watching  the  happenings around. In  winter it is  common that  the  wild honey collectors  bring  their collected  honey  to market place in morning hours. The honey they sell is very cheap , not more than 150 per kilogram.


Once , I have  got an opportunity  to see  their technique  of collecting  wild honey from a tall tree. First they  made a  torch  with rugs  so that  will not produce flame  but smoke only. Then  they  put it below the  honey beehive , due to smoke  bees  escaped from  hive , they cut the hive and brought it down.

sale wild honey

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy August.

The month August was very hectic to me. Throughout the month I remained on tour in different parts of south Indian states. I was enjoying the tour. Earlier I have not got such an opportunity to travel  many places in a spell. As usual all the tour was purely on official on government expenditure.



My first visit was in Kannur, my hometown, a northern district of Kerala, second at Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu, third in Bangalore- Karnataka and fourth is at Belgaum District - also in Karnataka. One week each in four districts of three states, the month August was over by then. The tour not stops at there also- now I am in Kudankulam since 10 September. Kudankulam is a subdivision of Thirunalveli district of Tamilnadu neighbouring to Kannyakumari district.

I will write on interesting things I have seen at  these places from next postings when ever time allow.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My daughter and her pond.

During April I was on vacation at my home. As usual in every April my wife has to go for evaluation duties (she is a higher secondary teacher) and my son to his school. I and my daughter remain at home till evening by watching TV and playing. The summer was very hot during the year even sun burn and stroke were reported in some districts of Kerala, so only option left out for us was to stay indoors.
artificial pond
There was a small pond with guppy, shark and golden fishes in right side garden corner of my house. Which was made by me by using Mangalore tiles and silpoline (silpoline is a waterproof plastic sheet, which is strong enough to hold water for years- silpoline is a brand name). The pond was also full of lilies in white and pink colours. I built it in the year 2005 after we started to stay there. But what happened was, last year the silpoline got leak due to nail scratch of predators which tried to catch the shark (it was grown to about 10 inches and was easy to see- so it become prey). The result was worse. The water holding capacity of the tank lessened about only one inch and the worst summer dried the remaining water and all lily plants and fishes finished. My daughter was so worried on all these, because she used to stay around the pond for watching fish and flower after school, and the fishes were her pet or more.
So I and my daughter decided to make a new pond at same place were the old one was situated. Again the option is only silpoline because that is the low cost one and easy to prepare. But planned in a different way, to save from predators, more strong, give more visibility and style, more width and in natural look.
artificial pond
So, we decided and started in that hot summer, I was in labour role and my daughter in supervisor role ( joking- she is only 4 yrs. old and studying in UKG, she keep a chair near there to sit and watch and some time in a hammock ). I first removed the remaining of old pond and dug little more and widened the old pit by two days, and laid first layer sheet with normal plastic sheet. Now the turn to lay the good one, new purchased silpoline, on the faith with the brand name, I was not checked it while purchase, but it was desperating, I found it defective while holding the sheet towards sunlight, found holes in sheet, not visible in one look, like pin holes. So I had to hold my work till I get replacement of a good Silpoline sheet, for which I have to further go to the showroom in city and was possible only in next day.
On next day I got it changed and laid the second layer and as third layer, the old Silpoline on top. Now it was so strong to hold water and prevention form tore by predators. The pond got simply ok but it has not having the natural look as I perceived earlier, so I started to think, then come a strange idea to use rubble laterite stones for banks, it give a natural look and prevent from predators nail more over for growth of algae which is good for fishes. Further I had to spare three four days for search and collection of laterite stones from land around. Finally again started after four five days. Laid stones on sides of the pond and filled earth about 6 inches inside pond – the soils of old pond also used.
artificial pond
Within two three days the water in pond become clear, now my worry is about lily, in summer it will not be easily available. I visited one of my relative, she has the hobby of keeping garden, and there was blue lily available. I requested her for one, with very hesitation she give me a tiny one about 2cm, with very difficult and all care (I put it in a small water filled polythene bag) I carried it all the way to my home about 22 km and planted it in my pond same day.
Artificial pond water lily
Went to a pet shop and bought 3 pair each guppy, platy, sward tail and white platy and put them in pond. Till then my vacation got over and I left to my work place in Orissa. Last week I again was on a short leave at home. It was very happy moment for me, as I could see the first lily flower, the matter for happiness is it was pink lily not blue( expected a blue water lily but found pink...surprise) more over the pond was with full of fry. Actually the old soil I put was containing seeds of water lily which helped me to regain the beauty of my pond in short period, otherwise it would take minimum six months to get fill the pond.
artificial pond and fish
artificial fish pond
Now a days my daughter is happy, she gave name to all fishes ..guppu, gooppu, kuppi, toman,tom,jerry etc.…. The other thing is response from the fishes, when ever she reaches near pond all the fishes come together to she and remain there till she leave and same time with me the opposite all will ran to hide under leaves on seeing me.The pond I made is a good experience to me and now I am in thought to make another one to keep Arowana fish and Lotus whenever time allows.
lily in artificial fish pond
artificial pond lily fish
fish lily pond artificial

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Foo dog or dwarapalaka .. ?

Here in Orissa, I noticed one thing that, in front of almost all temples there will be statue of lions at both side of main entrance. The shapes and style are varying from temple to temple. Are they symbolizing the guards of temple?

In south India, you can see two frightening statues at the entrance of inner sanctum namely Dwarapalakas – mean Door keepers. (Dwar mean door and palaka mean keepers/guard). I think this lions may also be placed as dwrapalakas to guard the temple.

Or, are these Chinese “Foo dogs”? I don’t know.

Lion Dogs4

Lion Dogs3

Lion Dogs5

Lion Dog1

foo dog

fu Dogs6

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bargad- tree which fulfill wishes.

Recently I was in Jaypore ( not Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan) , Jaypore is in Koraput district Orissa. I was there with some work at judicial court. I reached there early at 9 am as the working hours starts in Indian offices at 10 morning. But there the seen was very interesting, a large gathering of people were there before I reach there. They were sitting under a huge banyan tree in front of the court and enjoying the shade by sipping tea and having snacks ( idly and chatni). Really tree is very huge and covering about 2000 square feet. A platform is made around it with arrangements to sit.

banyan tree

As in my home state  Kerala , there I had not seen such huge banyan trees,except  in road sides, which  were also not so huge I have seen here. But I heard  from my father that , at Adayar in  Chennai, there is a huge banyan tree which cover a area of about one kilo-meter.

Someone , who was with me to assist in court work said me that they are taking  medicated oxygen, because in  early  morning hours  it release a large amount of oxygen  that have such a curative power even help to get cured from TB. I don’t know is it  true or not. May it be also a “satta”(Hindi word, meaning Guess)

Whatever, here  I would like to tell here something about  the  importance of Banyan tree to Indians.


Banyan tree known in different names  regionally, asBargad,Bor,Ber,Ala,Nayagrodha,Bar,Vad,Vatnam,Bahupada,Peddamarri,VatVriksha,Marri Vrikshamu ,Aal Maram,  Vatavriksh, and Barh

Banyan tree is considered as National tree of India. one can see banyan tree through out India irrespective of region and  climate, that might be the reason to consider it as national tree.

Hindus consider bargad as a sacred tree. As per belief, the leaf of bargad is the resting place of the god Krishna. Also there is a belief that Lord  Dhakshina Murthy (Shiva) sits under this tree for meditation  accompanied with rishies.

The rishies used the shade of this trees for their meditation. And belief is there that ,this tree helps to fulfill the wishes, so it also called kalpavriksha mean 'wish fulfilling divine tree'.In India people used to grow banyan tree near peepal tree as it considered sacred because in Hindu concept banyan tree is male and peepal tree is female.

Bhagavan Buddha have achieved enlightenment while meditating under a banyan tree at Bhod Gaya(Bihar), so also called Bodhi vriksha.

In India  the twigs of banyan tree are sold as toothpicks , it believes to promote dental health.

Banyan tree is well known for its medicinal  values  in  Ayur Veda. Its sap is a medicine for treating external skin problems and infections, stomach problems, toothaches and ulcers. Diabetic patients are also treated by the tonic made from banyan tree.

Banyan tree is one of the best plant for preparing Bonsais due to complex hanging roots, style and less requirement of space to grow.

Rudraksha beads of Shiva temple J P Nagar, Bangalore.

I have got an opportunity to get dharshan of  the holy deity of  JP Nagar Shiva Temple, Lord Shiva- the lord of Moksha. The  roof of ...