Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zonal green area,Keshopur.

Next day morning, I was roaming on roads of Mahavir Nagar. I can’t stop myself my habit of morning exercises even though knowing that walking or running in Delhi roads is not safe and healthy. I walked towards keshopur sabzi mandi as previous day I couldn’t see the market due to rain and dirty and messy areas. But I changed my plan on seeing men in jogging dress coming out of a walled land. In curiosity I peeped through the gate and surprised to see a park there. No one believes that there will be a park available in such a congested part of the city, whatever; it was a matter to joy for me.


Just getting inside there is a board showing Delhi Development Authority zonal green area. The park is full of with tall woods and lawns surrounded by a jogging track. A very healthy place for morning exercises and I enjoyed my morning run in Keshopur Park.100_0068

Now a day people are very health conscious, I could find all age groups in park except school goers. The dominating in strength in ground were middle aged ladies with their yoga and stretching exercises and some old aged men on their gossip and lite exercises. In park there is a separate earmarked place for ladies.

One interesting thing I found that two Sikh youths feeding stray dogs with milk and bread in plates placed in park.

The most neglected section of the park is children’s corner. It seems that since long children were not coming in that area. Are the children in Delhi over burdened with their studies? No parents allowing them to play? Or are they behind cricket only? I don’t know! 100_0070

Just outside the park, you will loss all impression of the park on seeing the unhygienic condition. A heap of garbage, all the positive energy you gained will vanish instantly on a single inhalation of the foul smell.100_0071

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