Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reincarnation of Scooter- Scootela…

Once scooter was the most favorite vehicle among middle class Indians and 10 years back it was difficult to walk on road in Delhi and Pune with flooded scooters. The reason for the choice of scooter was its utility as family vehicle, economy in fuel and its maintenance cost. Bajaj and Vespa scooters were dominating these roads on those days, now it become extinct and new generation two wheeler motor cycles and small cars took over the roads. Competition among financiers made loan formalities simple as even a lower income group can purchase a small car or costly motor cycle easily, then who will care for these domestic animal scooter more?.

But surprised to see the reincarnation of scooter in the form of tela in Delhi roads.(Tela- a three wheeled goods carrying cycle rickshaw, commonly known in the name of tela in north India) Actually all kind of geared motorized two, three and four wheelers required a registration from road transport department, but who will register this vehicle ? These are totally local made by improvising old scooter parts fitted on a local made Tela.


Who will be the brain behind the scootela (name given by me – scooter+ tela= scootela), I guess this may be the handiwork of a Sardar (Punjabi) because in 90s in Punjab, Hariyana and UP there were available a local made four wheeler named Maruta which was the handiworks of Punjabi mechanics by using diesel motor pumps which were available cheaper in market for irrigation purpose.

I advice the innovator to get a patent for this scootela immediately otherwise some companies may copy the technique to produce poor man’s vehicle as Nano car..

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