Monday, July 18, 2011

In attempt to recover…..

Today it was horrible to me, whole yesterday night I didn’t sleep a while. The accidental deletion of all my one and half year postings in this blog was a bolt to me. And attending office affaires whole day, feeling tired. Once thought to quit blogging forever, but is it easy to me? My hobby, addiction, passion!! There was no answer! I decided to start again.

The first response from one of my blogger friend Ms. Cookingvarieties was encouraging she extended her hand to help me through Facebook to recover deleted files. First of all thanks to her. Her effort also known through email, either I couldn’t even get opened my blog, only by evening the blog again opened in my laptop. I don’t know all this happening to me due to error in my computer or due to regular cleaning of cookies and catches with Ashampoo win optimizer!

One of my friends over phone suggested me to use a file recovery tool.

Before that whole night I have searched all my c drive to find out any trace, looked all options of window live writer, windows help and support further searched Microsoft online help all in vain efforts. So I searched for a good data recover software in web, CNET is my favorite software site and I rely on cnet . On comparing and reading reviews I found “Recuva” file recovery software, which is easy to operate. So I downloaded it and installed. But only one file I could recover remaining all were in bad shape or in no use.

Anyway lost is lost, better to start again in a better way, and lesson learned that never be in online when editing-write, edit and save in draft or save in online draft.

Tail note: on this experiment I found one new software, “Recuva”from piriform software to recover accidently deleted data without knowing directory or route. Just a click needed ,that show all data's deleted from the first starting date of the computer, that’s too all type of file formats .what to tell only one file I could recover because of frequent over writing.

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